8 INCREDIBLE Benefits of Drinking Turmeric Milk with Secret Golden Milk Recipe

Turmeric is the golden yellow spice used in Asian curries. it is obtained from the ginger-like rhizome of Curcuma longa, a tropical herb from India. The well-researched anti-inflammatory antioxidant and anti-cancer properties of Turmeric make it worth including in your diet if you are not a curry fan Turmeric milk is an excellent option. Turmeric milk also sometimes referred to as golden milk, is an infusion of either dry turmeric powder or fresh turmeric root rhizome in milk.

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It is traditionally used in Indian households for treating specific diseases and a tonic for general health. This drink is easy to prepare and highly palatable. the milk takes most of the spiciness out of turmeric if that doesn’t convince you of the health benefits of this drink would definitely be.

We’re going to reveal to you EIGHT incredible things that will happen to your body when you drink turmeric milk every day.

1. Build Immunity:

Turmeric milk helps to build immunity. Turmeric milk is an excellent tonic to improve your general immunity against a host of diseases. It’s especially useful in the cold and flu season. Thanks to its antiviral effect. If you’re prone to picking up infectious diseases make a habit of having a cup of turmeric milk on an empty stomach in the morning or just before bedtime at night.

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This is particularly beneficial for children who tend to bring home not only colds in the flu but chicken pox and measles from school and the playground swimmers and people who take public transport or otherwise engage in activities that bring them in close contact with a lot of other diseases. People would also benefit from a regular dose of this health-promoting drink.

2. Remedy to Digestive Problems:

It’s a good remedy for digestive problems. You can tackle most digestive tract problems with turmeric which could be why it came to be regarded as an important culinary spice. It improves digestion and helps relieve gas and bloating as well as heartburn resulting from gastric reflux.

Turmeric increases the flow of bile which helps in fat digestion. Loss of appetite and intestinal discomfort can be successfully treated with a cup of turmeric milk a day. Turmeric can help prevent and treat gastrointestinal infections and get rid of worms in the tropics where intestinal parasites are widespread. Especially in children, turmeric milk comes to the rescue.

3. Liver Tonic:

It is a liver tonic. Laboratory tests and clinical studies have demonstrated the ability of the curcumin in turmeric to prevent and reverse liver cirrhosis and fatty liver. The liver being the chemical hub of the body is constantly engaged in the processing of chemical substances entering the body that include environmental pollutants, and chemical additives in processed foods. The protective and detoxifying action of turmeric reduces the impact of injuries to liver tissue by these toxic substances by increasing the production of bile. It helps remove biliary obstructions too.

4. Beauty Aid:

Turmeric has been used externally as a beauty aid because of the visible changes, it produces on the skin. It makes the skin smooth, removes fine lines and other signs of premature aging, reduces acne, and lightens scars. Internal use further enhances these effects and makes the skin clear of liver spots, rosacea, and skin eruptions.

Taking turmeric milk regularly gives tremendous relief to eczema sufferers. Eczema is often considered a skin problem but it has deeper roots probably issues with immune responses and toxin accumulation in the body. The immune modulating effect of turmeric and its detoxifying and anti-inflammatory properties ease symptoms and prevent flare-ups.

5. Headache Remedy:

It’s a good headache remedy. A cup of warm turmeric milk can ease headaches whether it’s due to sinus congestion or stress. Turmeric increases mucus flow as well as lightens its texture promoting sinus drainage. The blood thinning effect of turmeric is well known as you can see from the frequent warning to avoid it if you are taking other blood thinners. Thinning of blood naturally improves blood circulation. So people suffering from headaches and migraine would feel well-drinking turmeric milk regularly.

6. Improves Reproductive Health of Women:

Turmeric acts as a mild phytoestrogen promoting the reproductive health of females. It increases fertility in women who have trouble conceiving due to hormonal insufficiency. Women with painful periods find relief with turmeric milk taken during the week of their period. It relieves post-menopausal symptoms — although turmeric reduces the pain associated with periods.

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It is a uterine stimulant that promotes the free flow of menstrual discharge. For this reason, turmeric and therapeutic doses should be avoided during pregnancy.

7. Anti-Cancer Properties:

It helps prevent cancer. The curcumin in turmeric has been shown to kill cancer cells (apoptosis) and prevent their spread to other areas (metastasis). In laboratory studies, it is found to be effective against cancers of the breast, prostate skin colon, and lungs. Many cancerous growths go undetected and untreated in the initial stages when it would have been much easier to stop them in their tracks. Drinking turmeric milk regularly may help prevent malignant growths as well as stop their progress in the early stages.

8. Sleeping Aid:

It’s a good sleep aid. Drinking warm milk at bedtime is a well-known remedy for insomnia (On account of the amino acid — tryptophan which can increase serotonin levels in the brain). This neurotransmitter chemical is associated with relaxation, calm mood, and sleepiness. Milk contains tryptophan, but its bioavailability to the brain is usually low because of other competing amino acids present in the milk. Turmeric can change that. Turmeric is known to elevate insulin levels in the blood which in turn increases the intake of competing for amino acids in two body tissues. However, it leaves tryptophan alone making it available to the brain for the production of serotonin that can explain why Turmeric milk is even more beneficial than plain milk in inducing sleep.



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