Amazing Benefits of Eating Lemons Peel, White Part & Seeds: Really have the peel, pith, and the seeds 5 times more nutrition than juice?

Benefits of Eating Whole Fresh Lemon:
  • reducing fat on your liver
  • reducing cholesterol
  • helping you lose weight
  • anti-aging
  • anti-cancer effects: Lemon has specific compounds that can help kill cancer cells
  • kidney stone prevention: the benefits of lemons for kidney stone prevention especially if you’re on the ketogenic diet and you’re prone to kidney stones
  • vitamin C in lemon aids your immune system
  • lemon can inhibit collagen destruction

Benefits of the peel, pith, and the seeds:

Photo by Nathan Lemon on Unsplash

Now permeability is basically the ability of your vascular system to allow things to move in and out between the vascular systems. so there are various gaps that occur. when you have too much of a gap you’ll have symptoms like bleeding gums, and gingivitis. you might get spider veins, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, or you might get a bleeding nose or edema. So they found this P factor or vitamin P helps to tighten up those junctions and gaps and prevents all these symptoms.

Photo by eggbank on Unsplash
  • increase the oxygenation in your lungs.
  • It helps you breathe better.
  • Then you also have copper in the vitamin C complex in an enzyme form, called tyrosinase, and that copper is really important in collagen formation.
  • This is why vitamin C is so good for collagen, joint health, etc.
  • you have a lot of damage in the capillaries,
  • you have damage to the nervous system because the capillaries are no longer feeding the nerves,
  • you get peripheral neuropathy,
  • you have a lot of problems with the eye as in diabetic retinopathy.
  • in diabetes, you have macular degeneration.
  • you get cataracts, you get glaucoma, dry eyes
  • you have a lot of leaking blood through the capillaries in the eye caused by the destruction of the high glucose.
Photo by Moritz Nie on Unsplash

How to Take: Recipies

some people might find that they have a sensitivity or gastritis in their stomach. so they might take the seeds out. but there’s a lot of nutrition in these seeds. they’re not poisonous like eating cherry seeds or apricot seeds. things like the seeds from lemons or limes are totally fun.

  1. Take eight ounces of water, one cup of water,
  2. Put it in the blender take the whole lemon and blend it on down for probably 30 to 45 seconds.
  3. It will make this whitish drink, that’s very very bitter.
  4. You know how to offset the bitterness. I usually like to use liquid stevia drops and depending on your taste you might want to try
  5. Drop just five drops and see if that’s sufficient. some people like it a little bit sweeter, so put up to 10 drops.
  6. and then just slug it down. it’s actually quite delicious.



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