14 Benefits of having Green Tea with Honey : Special Honey Green Tea Recipes

Green tea has been crowned the title for the most consumed and liked beverage after water. Green tea is rich in antioxidants, flavonoids and other essential nutrients.

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Birth History:

Green tea is believed to have been discovered by Emperor Shen Nung in ancient China. almost 5,000 years back, in 2737 BC. As per the legend, when once Shen was taking a rest with his companions outdoors in a forest, a few leaves from an unknown wild tree whirled into his pot of boiling water. Then he noticed the color of the boiling water started to change and felt a great refreshing aroma with the stream. Out of curiosity he sipped the brew and was greatly mesmerised by its delicate flavour and revitalizing effect.

The Processing:

Green tea is processed from camellia sinensis leaves. First, the leaves are hardly oxidised after being plucked and withered, next immediately cooked (steamed or panned) so that the texture, color and quality remain intact.

The Flavors:

The flavors of the Green tea differs from region to region; While Japanese green tea has grassy and vegetal flavor; buttery, nutty and chocolaty teas from China.
The taste of the green tea depends upon various factors like types of brewing & processing.

The Colors:

Green tea shouldn’t necessarily always be green in color! Though, the Japanese sencha can appear bright green after being brewed. But, mostly green teas turned pale yellow when brewed properly.

Health Benefits of Green Tea:

People have been using green tea for centuries in traditional medicine to control bleeding and wound management, boost digestion, improve heart and mental health, and control body temperature.

Green Tea Benefits

Health Benefits of Honey:

Honey is called ''elixir of life'' for its numerous health boosting properties.


Benefits of Drinking Green Tea with Honey:

Both green tea and honey have plenty of benefits. So, we can imagine when these two will be combined, the mix will provide us with mountains of health remedies.

1. Remedy to cardiovascular disease:

Green tea and honey mixture helps to keep the heart healthy and in a smooth working condition. High cholesterol levels lead to deadly heart diseases. Thus, it is a supreme priority to keep cholesterol levels in check (lower than 200 mg/dL).

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According to medical research, consumption of at least 7-8 cups of green tea could bring down the rate of mortality due to cardiovascular disease by almost 75 percent by lowering cholesterol to a safe level and increasing good cholesterol.

2. Prevent Cancer:

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In Asian countries where green tea is consumed daily, cancer rates are significantly lower. Drinking green tea with honey curves the risk of cancer down. polyphenol and antioxidants act as primary anticancer agent.

3. Weight loss:

The catechins & caffeine in green tea may play a role in raising energy metabolism, which lead to weight loss.

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Honey forces the liver to produce glucose that keeps the brain sugar levels high and stimulates to release fat burning hormones.

4. Prevent Type 2 diabetes:

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Studies found a strong relationship between green tea with honey consumption and reduced fasting glucose and insulin levels which help to curb type 2 diabetes risks.

5. Improves oral health:

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Green tea with honey lowers the risk of cavities, tooth and gum decay and plaque; keeps breathe smelling fresh by fighting bacteria and viruses inside the mouth. Polyphenols & catechins in green tea keep the mouth clean and free from foul odour.

Honey acts as an antimicrobial agent that disallows bacterial growth in the mouth. Thus green tea with honey improves oral health.

6. Keep hydrated:

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Drinking green tea with honey frequently helps us to stay hydrated and healthy, as that fills up the deficiency of water within the body.

7. Resist inflammation:

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The flavonoids & epigallocatechin gallate in green tea have anti-inflammatory effects and honey having anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties, Green Tea with honey resists inflammation.

8. Healthy bones:

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Suffering from bone diseases after the age of 30 is today’s very common phenomena. Even consumption of green tea with honey causes strong bones by speeding up the mineralization & bone formation process. Drinking green tea along with Honey strengthens bone muscles, offers protection against osteoporosis and bone decay.

9. Glowing skin:

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Constant consumption of green tea with honey flushes toxins & free radicals out of the body, replenishing it with essential minerals and vitamins. Both honey & green tea are rich in antioxidants that help in renewing dark and dead skin cells giving it a brighter and younger look. They also help fight acne and pimples.

10. Improves brain function:

Scientists have confirmed that green tea can enhance memory and other cognitive brain functions.

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Green tea with honey has a positive response in treatments related to cognitive impairments with neuropsychiatric conditions such as dementia, Parkinson’s Diseases, Alzheimer’s disease.

11. Supports immunity:

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Green tea along with honey is packed up with antioxidants that offer antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral effects to strengthen immunity shields. Green tea acts as a prebiotic which supplies food to the beneficial gut bacteria responsible for health immunity.

12. Helps in Hair growth:

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Green tea with honey stops hair fall and promotes hair growth. Green tea is stuffed up with catechins that help in keeping dihydrotestosterone back that causes hair loss. Ingredients like ascorbic acid and zinc that in green tea help hair to grow long. Honey provides all the necessary hair nutrients.

13. Anti aging:

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Green tea and honey are overflowing with antioxidants like polyphenol that reduce inflammation and resist premature aging. These antioxidants guard the cells from damage.

14. Prevent common cold:

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The antioxidants present in Green tea and honey build up a defensive shield against viruses that cause common cold and flu.

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